Business Management Software for Professional Services

Fundamentally, Professional Services Businesses are built on time, talent and how well you manage both. You must manage time by project forecasting, budgeting resources, and accurately billing. You must manage talent by allocating resources, retaining knowledgeable consultants, and building new global skills.

To sell talent and time you must quantify and qualify the intangible

There is a silver lining. With an integrated Professional Services software solution from American Unit it's time to rethink how your agency handles: Project Management Resource Allocation Time Tracking Billing/Invoicing Expense Management Customer Interactions.

A Professional Services Software Solution from American Unit offers:

Improved Project Service Life Cycles - By automating core business processes and synergizing project planning, scheduling and invoicing you can shorten your project service life cycle while delivering the same great service in a portion of the time. Minimized Revenue Leakage - Applying automated software takes out the potential for human error and provides accurate accounting for billable time, chargeback, and material usage - eliminating lost paperwork and wasted inputting time giving you back the revenue you earned and deserve. Reduced Billing Cycle Times - By accurately forecasting expenses, resources and project timelines you increase customer satisfaction and decrease invoicing processes, providing you billing efficiency and reducing your costs. Enhanced Team Collaboration - Utilizing web-based time tracking and communications portals help your project managers appropriately apply their resources from around the world and across your company, keeping your teams on time and on track. Performance Data Integration - By getting your performance data out of silos and into a single solution you can analyze, present and report data for a holistic view of your entire organization without fragmentation.

Wholesale Distribution Management Software

You know that changes in business are guaranteed, but sales are not. How do you keep up with the changes in industry standards, inventory processes and customer-service expectations? How do you face the changes of new competitors, rising costs and shrinking margins on a daily basis? How do shorter product life cycles, lean economic conditions and new distribution channels change the way you manage your business? And who helps you prepare for, and handle, all that change?

At American Unit, helping our clients rethink their options to prepare for the inevitable and the implausible is our business. We help you manage change and keep your business running optimally, no matter the situation.

Tired of combating rising costs ?

Improving Cycle Time of Core Operations
Automating Critical Business Processes
Lowering Cost Associated with Remote Operations
Enable Web-Based Customer Self-Service
Harmonizing Collections and Cash Flow

Retail Business Management Software

The evolution of the retail industry has gone from small town general stores to online multi-national storefronts. You are just as diverse as the products you sell and the consumers you serve. Your customers can now shop anytime from anywhere in the world, with the touch of a button.
You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a world of accelerating globalization and sluggish economies. You need to enhance your customers shopping experience by reducing customer wait time, increasing throughput and creating opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell other merchandise.

Up-to-the-minute reporting:

Our retail management solutions enable you to transform your business, so you can thrive in a somewhat unstable economy. The benefits of partnering with Swift Technologies for your Retail Business Software are endless:

Streamlining Transaction Processing
Connecting Data Across Multiple Stores
Offering Point-Of-Sale Capabilities
Providing Customer Management and Marketing
Being Scalable to Meet Business Growth
Presenting Customizable Real-Time Reports
Granting Advanced Security Options

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing is a complex, costly and competitive industry. You must be at the top of your game for customers that are demanding and with products that are innovative and unique. The ever-expanding global market and increasing stiff environmental regulations require your company and your products to be agile and adaptable. With only 24 hours in a day, balancing all of these challenges and maintaining your company's bottom line is an enormous undertaking.

Trying to manage the complexities of your business without an integrated solution is close to impossible

You need a software solution and a partner that adds time back to your day and money back to your business by accurately predicting project costs, cutting delivery times and effectively utilizing engineering resources. You need an integrated software solution that controls inventory, stock, order status, scheduling, forecasting, operations and financials. And you need a company to understand that controlling production costs and accurately managing your inventory is the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one.


American Unit is one of the leading Telecom turnkey solution provider backed by world class manufacturing facilities and with years of experience has expertise to plan, deploy and maintain mega communication networks by offering top quality end to end services and solutions.
More now than ever before, Communication Service Providers are looking for ways to transform their legacy, plan ahead for transformation required to secure future in the digital age. With the proliferation of smart devices and traditional voice communication being eclipsed by data traffic over wire and wireline networks, digital-reimagination has emerged as the single most important trend.

Business Value

Empowered with industry best practices and technological advancements, we enable our clients to - become profitable, create competitive advantage and, adapt to changing market trends - through:

Innovative revenue-enhancing models: We help our customers leverage disruptive trends, such as data monetization, network infrastructure replacement, and service delivery platform (SDP) renovation, to increase their revenue and create new revenue streams. Certainty in Delivery: We enable collaboration, resusability and tools to drive quality, certainty and agility in our deliveries leading to higher customer satisfaction and higher margins.
Quicker time-to-market: Our solution accelerators, proprietary frameworks, and platform solutions enable our clients to achieve faster product development and quicker time-to-market.
Customer Centricity: We enable our clients to provide superior services through delivery, leadership and partnership. With our customer-centric solutions focused on the end-user’s needs and preferences, we help them deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.
Business Simplification: Our landscape rationalization strategies and bundled services optimize the operational costs of our customers and simplify their business processes. We are engaged with our customers, beyond traditional SDLC, throughout the lifecycles.

Quality Control

IT Quality control is the process of testing software intensive systems to uncover defects and hence measuring actual quality. In the software development context test candidates can be specifications, design descriptions, code listings, executable software modules, units, subsystems or complete systems.

Inspecting Documents

You can use this function to create inspection documents. In quality management you always use inspection documents to process checks. If you want to check a certain quantity of a product, you must create an inspection document in the system. You can create inspection documents automatically or manually, and use them for various types of inspection processing.

Inspecting Code

There is plenty of guidance on inspecting masonry construction in the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC) Code and Specification and the International Building Code. Even so, looking at a job should be the jurisdiction of trained inspectors, people who have taken classes to understand what is expected for each level of testing, are familiar with the test methods, and who have passed a certification test. This ensures that they know enough about masonry construction to perform inspections effectively and efficiently.